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Cadaver Lab Adhoc

A past that prepares our present for the future.

CadaverLab Preceptorship Hands-On – Experiences of medical elite specialisation

Exclusive events of medical training with hands-on cadavers practices impeccably designed to achieve the objectives and aspirations of awareness and loyalty that each organisation has in place for their HCPs and prescribers.

Welcome to Preceptorship Hands-On, a place where medical excellence and elite training are combined on a perfect symbiosis. Every detail from the training experience is meticulously orchestrated to meet the highest requests of health professionals. This creates an innovative and distinctive image for the companies that promote it.

Exceptional service for exceptional HCPs

At Preceptorship Hands-On, we understand that Healthcare Professionals deserve a training experience that reflects their status at the top of their field. Therefore, we offer an unmatched customisation service, adapting every aspect from the training to perfectly align it with the objectives and aspirations that each organisation has for their HCPs and prescribers.

Architects of unique educational experiences

Our team of specialists in medical education works to build formative experiences that are true masterpieces:

Customised assessment and design: A deep comprehension of the goals and needs of health companies results in training programmes exclusively designed for each group of HCPs.

Exclusive venues: We choose prestigious national venues and symbolic international destinations. We choose the best for each programme.

Luxury logistics: We take care of every detail; premium accommodation and flawless transport, ensuring absolute comfort.

Exclusive methodology: We offer a well-balanced combination of advanced theory and intensive 100% hands-on cadavers practices training. We guarantee an immersive, high level training experience.

Exclusive and customisable training
at Preceptorship Hands-On

Our main focus is to provide a tailored-made training experience, sided with the strategic objectives that bring you closer to your prescribers.

Benefits from our design:

Deep and exclusive learning: Practices on real scenarios with the highest anatomical fidelity.

Continuous updates: Access to all the most recent innovations and techniques in the developing medical field.

Renowned mentorship: If required, the training will be led by experts in order to ensure first-class learning. These can be the specialists that each company in the sector works with, or influential professionals that we will recommend depending on the subject to be developed.

Complete customisation: We take care of every detail to guarantee a unique and focused experience.

Aimed at visionaries from the healthcare sector

This programme is designed for organisations looking to provide HCPs with a training experience that is not only advanced and practical, but also distinctive and renowned.

Experience the great distinction of Preceptorship Hands-On

Improve the medical training of your HCPs and prescribers to a level of unparalleled prestige and distinction. With Preceptorship Hands-On, you will not only invest in scientific updates, but also in a legacy of excellence.

Discover how a programme specifically designed to make an impact in HCPs and prescribers can change the way medical training has been taught so far.


Cadaver Lab Adhoc

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